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Amazing Product and Fast Delivery

With all of the chemicals and unknown ingredients added to hair products these days, I developed an appreciation for natural hair products. This product is made from all natural ingredients and offers an amazing price. The service was 10/10 and the delivery was quick. Would highly recommend.

Twisting Butter

Love your products. Using remainder of my products and will be on yours exclusively. Please consider creating a Mousse. Thank you!

Mommy daughter time

I love her line ofproducts. My 2yo daughter and I have two different textures of hair but we use the same product and leaves both our hair feeling clean and moisturized. Its one of our bonding moments

Pumpkin Cheesecake Whipped Body Cream
Jasmine Johnson
Smells great!

Smells amazing and provides long lasting moisture even between hand washes and using sanitizer! I will be buying more!


Smells amazing and provides long lasting moisture especially in the cold weather months!

Love for my Locs

I decided to loc my hair about a year and a half ago and this spray is still the best moisturizing spray for my hair. It is one of those rare hair products that is good for everyone, no matter your hair type.

I like it so much I bought it again!

Works great for all types of hair in our household from 4c all the way to looser curls. It's lightweight yet really moisturizing and plays well when layered with other styling products both inside and outside the Roseonna line.

Leave In

I freaking love this leave conditioner. It makes my hair very soft. Sometimes I use it throughout the day. I am glad that 12 oz is now available as I have a ton of heads in my home.

Top Tier

I love my Lavender body cream. Melts into my skin and no overly greasy. I also use it on my 4 year old before bed.Perfect for a good nights rest.

Coconut Almond

The name for this cream fits it perfect. It has a sweet smell to it but a warm almond smell. The perfect combination. My husband is obsessed with me putting on this cream lol. Ladies buy this cream.You will think me later.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Whipped Body Cream
Pumpkin Cheesecake

I purchased this fragrance on Black Friday. I only purchase one because I wasn’t sure if I would like the texture or smell. Listen this body cream smells so good. The smell isn’t one that’s overpowering. The texture is very fluffy and not greasy. I am now placing my second order.


I love keeps my hair moisturized and soft! I’m definitely going to be getting more and some of the other products as well.

Satisfied Customer

This whipped body cream smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft. The body cream glides on smooth and easy. Excellent product, I definitely recommend.


Works wonderful when paired with the deep conditioner and leave in. I see a complete change in my hair since using this collection of products. I have less shedding and my hair feels stronger and more moisturized.

Deep Conditioner

This deep conditioner is everything plus more. The slip is amazing. My hair felt extra hydrated once I rinsed it out. This will be a repeat purchase.

Ultimate Moisture Bundle

Smells so good !

Loved this. Lightweight but very moisturizing. Def buying the bigger one next time ❤️


This scented whipped cream is my fav. It smells amazing! Not too over powering. It adds just the right amount of scent to my skin and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love it!

Curl Heaven

I love this product. My curls look amazing, it is hard to find a product that leaves you with a perfect curl. But I found the Hibiscus Detangle &Curl Spray and I’m in curl heaven. 5 stars definitely

Highly recommended!

Wash Day Bundle
Chels Roman

I would advise don’t get one of the wash day bundle products without getting all 3. I have been using this bundle for almost a year now and I love it! All three products works amazing on my fine 4c hair. These products leaves my hair soft and tangle free.


This oil is perfect. It’s light enough to oil the scalp and to use when sealing the ends. Not runny at all. I have been using it for about a month now and can tell that my edges are getting fuller which I love. Will continue to use.

Leave In

Let me tell you ! this leave in conditioner is everything. My hair feels absolutely amazing after applying it. It smells wonderful too! I use it time to time instead of using the butters. It works perfect for everyday wear if you’re a leave in kind of person. I recommend this product.

Twist cream

I love the whole collection of products BUT this right here is my favorite. The consistency is everything. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and it gives definition. I use it on my granddaughters hair too.She usually has a temper when I do her hair, but this cream helps to eliminate that . I would definitely recommend.

I absolutely adore this moisturizer. Its the go to. It gets the job done in moisturizing your hair strands and in my opinion great for all hair types.