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Hey hun!  Testimony time… your product is the bomb!  I used the shampooed/conditioner, detangler, curl and moisturizer on my hair….. I LOVE IT!❤️


Yasss! Love these products are Amazing! I'm currently using it on my 3 year old and I must say "I love it." She's tender headed but, these products make it so much easier for the both of us.

Dishea Facebook

Loved both curling cream and the daily moisturizer. They both smell really good and have alot of slip. My hair felt really soft after using them and they alsonmade my hair more managable.


I do love both the curl cream and hair cream. They have great slip and a light fluffy texture that I absolutely love. They work great on my son's 3b/ 3c curls as well as my daughter's 4a braids. I prefer to use it sealed in with an oil. It is also a great texture for refreshing hair midweek without overburdening it. I would love to see you making unscented versions as well as versions that have essential oils only. Thanks for such a great product!


I’m sooo happy about these products ! I have the twisting cream , the hair butter moisturizer and the spray detangler . All 3 smell super good and fruity ! #1 it is so moisturizing ...like times 10! Customer service is A1! Like the sheen it gives is CRAZY GOOOOD! You won’t be disappointed ❤️❤️❤️ I love this stuff ! I use it for me and my daughter (she’s 2)

Tasha Facebook

I want to say - you best get you some! Lol.... seriously - Roseonna Naturals is a must! I’ve tried the sample size of hair moisturizer that was shipped to me - loved it so much I’ve used it on several family members and they used it on several of their friends hair! This moisturizer left my hair shiny and soft. I cannot say it enough - get it when it launch! As Geico would say - I saved a bunch on car insurance. I say about Roseonna Naturals - it saved my hair! Love my crown ❤️


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My hair feels so SOFT !!! The product is thick, yet smooth like me , and it is Black owned ... what else can a girl ask for ?!! 😬 I like to always keep my hair moisturized so the daily moisturizing cream might be my favorite😉 , but you guys should also try the daily moisturizing mist & the curling cream !!


LISTENNNNNN I don’t know what you put in these products but my hair lives it! I did a full twistout last night and took it out this morning and it was everything. Clearly I did a whole photoshoot.🤣I’ll definitely will be ordering more.It does along way too and my hair is still moisturized.

Kiera Facebook

i recently bought the Roseonna naturals shea butter twisting cream. it was beyond my expectations. Shipping was fast, it left my hair feeling curly which i love. she gave me a sample mango butter which i also used. it deeply moisturized my hair.
if you are looking for something for your coils and curls. Look no further!

Ola Facebook