How to amp up your natural hair routine during fall


Fall is here and
we are loving the cool and chilly weather.

As the seasons change, our natural hair routines need to be adjusted accordingly.
You should not be using the same products nor following the same routine as you would in the other seasons. Do not stress as we curated the natural hair routine that you should be following this fall. 

Here you go:

1) Steam your hair every time you Deep Condition

During the fall season, you must step up your deep conditioning routine with a fortifying deep conditioner and steaming your coils. The deep conditioner chosen should be rich in oils, butter, proteins, fatty acids, and water! Each of these ingredients can provide the hair with vitamins and minerals that will nourish it from the inside out.

To steam your hair, you can sit underneath your steamer or hooded dryer (if you have one at home). As well as you can use a steam/deep conditioning cap which gets the job done as well. The steam opens the cuticle layers along the hair shaft. Then, the deep conditioner will absorb into the hair shaft to repair, renew and rejuvenate the hair. Let your hair sit for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Recommended Product - Calendula & Aloe Deep Conditioner

2) Use Moisture Rich Leave Conditioners

As the time gets colder, you need to ensure that your hair is always moisturized.
So you must switch up your products to moisture-rich products, especially your leave-in conditioners. They should be rich in hydrating ingredients that will be your kinks moisturized until the next wash day. Your products should have ingredients such as distilled water and/or aloe vera juice.  

Both ingredients are rich in h20 which will replenish the hair with the hydration that it needs. In addition, it acts as a barrier as it prevents the cold air in the environment from leaving your hair in a vulnerable state.

Recommended Product - Shea Butter & Hibiscus Leave in Conditioner

3) Use Thick Creams and Butters to seal

After hydrating, you should be following up with thick creams and butter to be your sealant.
Sealants keep the hydration locked in from your leave-in conditioner. So, your curls will stay moisturized until your next wash day. As well as your hairstyles will last longer so you do not have to restyle your hair every 2 to 3 days. And more importantly, there is less manipulation which reduces the possibility of frizz and breakage. 

Recommended Product - Shea Butter & Aloe Twist Defining Cream


4) Wear Low Manipulation Hairstyles

Start styling your hair in low-manipulation styles that will keep your hair protected during these cold times. Examples of low manipulation styles are wash and go, twist out, and even braid outs. These are great styles, but they do allow your hair to be very exposed to the air. You should try other low manipulation styles such as low buns, ponytails, and slick back updos. These hairstyles keep most of your hair protected and covered under each other. As well as only a small portion of your hair may be exposed to the environment.

5) Protect Your Hair with Satin Head Wear

Unlike cotton, satin aids in preventing moisture from escaping our hair, especially during cold times. It does not withdraw the moisture from your hair which would leave it prone to breakage, split ends, and single-strand knots. Examples of these items are satin caps, satin scarves, satin beanies, satin baseball caps, and satin hats.

Satin allows you to retain more moisture, so you can stretch your hairstyles for longer. As well as reduces the possibility of knots and tangles which will wreak havoc on your ability to retain length during this season.

With the changing seasons, your routines will change to adjust it.
This is a great thing as you are able to improve the health and length of your kinks/coily/curly hair.

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